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Fancy Loose Shape Diamond Will Suit Your Style
Which Fancy Shape Diamond Will Suit Your Style?
May 2, 2022

Which Fancy Shape Diamond Will Suit Your Style?

The age-old saying that ‘diamonds are a lady’s best friend’ holds true today as well. Whether you are looking for traditional or modern styles of jewelry, they will be incomplete without diamonds. These are the world’s hardest gemstones, rated on a 10/10 scale. Due to their unrivalled longevity, brightness and shine, diamonds have been popular among brides for decades for engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Diamonds come in a wide range of shapes- from conventional round to fancy shaped diamonds, so, choose the one that goes with your personality. One of the most difficult aspects of jewelry shopping is to find a fancy shape (non-round) diamond. The fancy shapes include oval, radiant, cushion, emerald, and princess and they are available in a variety of sizes and faceting techniques.

The diamonds available in different shapes aren’t only significant from a design perspective; each shape symbolizes the wearer’s nature and is an extension of their personality. Read below about different kinds of diamonds shape and choose the one that describes you:

Fancy Loose Shape Diamond

Popular Fancy Shape Diamonds

  1. Round shape: This shape is chosen for its flawless symmetry and light performance. It describes the personality as being traditional in character, with a refined and elegant sense of taste in their accessories, as well as being honest, committed, and conservative.
  2. Oval shape: This is the most popular shape because of its elongated form, which gives the fingers a slimmer appearance. It demonstrates your ability to think beyond the box while remaining grounded to your roots. It also highlights you as a trustworthy and, at times, predictable individual.
  3. Cushion shape: Engagement ring of this shape has emerged as a favorite among new brides. The wearer looks elegant, highly feminine and projects confidence.
  4. Emerald shape: This exquisite diamond shape perfectly defines the individual personality. It makes the finger look thinner and longer and provides a touch of shine to your hands. Women wearing this shape of diamond have a strong sense of self-esteem and are not reliant on others for approval of their decisions.
  5. Marquise shape: A goal-oriented woman adores this fancy-shaped diamond. They think differently, like drama and are self-expressive. This is one of the most fashionable diamond designs in the past decade. It has been adorned by modern brides as they appear bigger when worn, as compared to their actual size.
  6. Princess Cut: A ‘princess’ cut fancy loose shape diamond is associated with a strong-willed and confident woman. It denotes a fun-loving individual, who is true to her heart, like to create on-the-spot plans, is a courageous leader and is passionate about her work. This fancy loose shape diamond looks like an inverted pyramid with four bevelled sides and is popular among brides because of its outstanding beauty, brilliance, and stunning look.

Out of all the fancy cut diamond forms available in the market, the “princess cut” shape has a cult following among modern-day brides.

Specialty of princess or fancy loose shape diamonds:

  • Most diamonds are rectangular, but they are square-cut with pointed sides.
  • The colors radiated are completely distinctive, mesmerizing everyone in the room.
  • They have distinct color in each of the corners; totally opposite to other diamonds which have color from the midpoint.

Fancy loose shape diamonds are less expensive but can be modeled to look sophisticated and attractive on your finger. If you are looking to design your engagement ring, wedding jewelry such as necklace, bracelet, etc. and want a loose diamond that best suits your personality, choose from the wide range of diamond shapes highlighted above and make your dreams come true.

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