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customized loose diamond
Looking For Customized Loose Diamond For Fine Jewelry?
Apr 15, 2022

Customized Loose Diamond For Fine Jewelry?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s the little things that are vital in the growth of any couple’s relationship; little things that go undetected by the people around yet are essential to a genuine romance. With a highly personalized design, a customized fine jewelry honors the bride’s individuality and is one of those “little things” that makes her feel special as well. While designing and creating the perfect fine jewelry, choose loose diamonds to complement your style.

Loose Diamond For Fine Jewelry

‘Loose diamonds’ are the diamonds that are yet to be set in jewelry. Purchasing a loose diamond allows you to appreciate a diamond in its raw nature. These diamonds aren’t polished or cut in the desired shape. If a diamond has an imperfection or inclusion, jewelers will usually set it in a method that hides such faults. They may become evident as the diamond shifts due to usual wear and tear. Therefore, before buying a loose diamond, examine it carefully and look out for possible inadequacies. Furthermore, when given the opportunity to select a loose diamond, always obtain the ones which are of higher quality and clarity as they will add more value to the jewelry.

How to find the perfect loose diamond for fine jewelry?

You need a little knowledge and insight about diamonds to get the perfect one at the best price. To start with, certification and the 4C’s are the initial criteria to consider while choosing the loose diamonds.

4 Cs of Diamonds

4 Cs of Diamonds

  • Cut: Diamonds are cut to increase their radiance, fire, brilliance and visual appeal. It shows how well the light will pass through. Before this, diamond is raw, rough, dull and lack lustre. The light travel is impacted by the diamond cut while the shine is determined by the angles, positions, sizes, and shapes of its facets.
  • Color: Natural and lab diamonds are available in a variety of hues and tones. White diamonds are the “clear” stones whereas fancy colored diamonds come in vibrant colors i.e. pink, green, and yellow. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) grades natural diamonds on a D-to-Z scale. Similarly, IGI (International Gemological Institute) also uses the D-to-Z scale for lab-grown diamonds.
  • Clarity: Impurities and imperfections are common features of natural diamonds, created during diamond formation over time. These Inclusions are essential birthmarks in making the diamond look unique. You must have heard of the phrase- “no two diamonds look the same” which is due to these inclusions. Even if 2 diamonds have the same clarity grade, the number, size, location, or type of inclusions will not be the same. The level and extent of these deficiencies play an important role in utilizing these diamonds and determining their price
  • Carat: This is an internationally recognized standard for determining the diamond weight. Diamonds are available in a wide range of shapes and carat weights. The primary goal of a diamond cutter is to maximize carat weight from loose diamonds. The bigger the diamond, the rarer and more expensive it is. Diamonds are precisely weighed to the nearest 0.01ct
  • Certification: Certified loose diamonds are measured and weighed by an independent lab. They are also evaluated for their width, length, table, and girdle sizes. During this process, diamonds are graded, and their color and clarity are determined.

Choosing a customized loose diamond ensures that you get the desired stone for your engagement ring at the best price. Always avail service of professionals for verifying the certification and quality of diamond before you buy. Use the above insight to create the perfect ring for your beloved in no time. You may read more of the 4C’s here.

Custom baguette cut natural diamonds for fine jewelry

Custom baguette cut natural diamonds for fine jewelry

Moreover, there are endless and millions of possibilities in designing a bespoke ring. Few of them include custom and unique shapes that simply outstands on the first look itself. Those custom shapes could be found in a combination of matching pairs, layouts, sets or assembled in an order to look like an illusion.

Most of the designer rings have a huge center stone diamond or gemstone weighing an approx. of 3-4 Carats with small size accent stones complimenting the overall look. These accent stones or sides tones could be of various shapes like trapeze, taper baguettes, ovals, emeralds, Cadillac cut, epaulette cut, kite, shield cut and even a 9-12 pcs halo custom layout.

9 Pcs Emerald Pie cut / Illusion Cut diamond

9 Pcs Emerald Pie cut / Illusion Cut diamond

These diamonds are custom made depending on the jewelers demand and setting measurements. Diamonds specially crafted for you even makes more impact and adds a personal value to it. Few of the choices are also illusion cut diamonds or pie cut diamonds. Pie cut diamonds are small sized measured and calibrated diamonds, which are set together invisibly to make it look like a large center stone. The main advantage of it is it cost quite cheaper than a single big stone. These are popular choice majorly used in Rings, pendants and earrings. If you are a jeweler and in a hunt of calibrated custom diamonds. Explore our Customized Diamonds

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