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Cushion Diamond

cushion diamond

Simple and classy, this gorgeous pillow-like cut is a beauty to behold. Loose diamonds in a cushion cut are quite like the princess diamond but with a subtle difference. They come with rounded edges, giving them a softer visual appeal. Formerly known as mine cut, this diamond shape finds its origin in the old Brazilian mines. The old mine cut had a total of 58 facets – 33 crown facets and 25 pavilion facets. However, the contemporary cushion cut flaunts its dazzling 64 facets and outshines its old mine counterparts. 

Cushion diamonds are also rectangular in shape and can be referred to as elongated cushion cut diamonds. While these diamonds share similar characteristics as the square cushion cut, they tend to attract more light due to their longer surface area. 

Buyers are often attracted to the delicate balance this fancy shape diamond displays between an antique cut and a modern finish. This diamond binds the overall piece of jewellery together with its elegance, making it an evergreen symbol of feminine poise.

Dharam Exports India is known for the precision in the cut and sparkle of its loose diamonds. Our cushion diamonds have better fire and are available as per your specifications. 

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