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Emerald Diamond

exporter of Emerald Diamonds

The emerald diamond isn’t quite like any other cut. While most of the popular shapes fall under the category of brilliant cuts, emerald diamonds are classified under step cuts. This is because loose emerald diamonds consist of small rectangular facets that look like steps or stairs. The emerald cut gained a lot of popularity in the 1920s, an era where clean lines and symmetry were hugely admired. 

The emerald cut exudes lustre and brilliance in a rather subtle manner. However, the long body of this fancy shape diamond makes it the showstopper amongst its counterparts. An emerald cut is all about intense geometry and sophistication and is largely preferred by those who want to make a bold statement. 

This cut naturally gathers stepped facets around the stone, which reflects light and strengthens its shine. We, at Dharam Export India, ensure our emerald diamonds are well-proportioned so that when you move the diamond, you can see the stone flash with light. We offer calibrated diamonds, loose diamonds and customised diamonds in the emerald cut to support your classic and modern high jewellery designs. 

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