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Round Diamond

Round Pie Cut Diamonds

The term ‘pie cut diamonds’ is used for cuts where smaller diamonds are clubbed together in an arrangement that forms a specific shape to create an illusion of one big diamond. A round pie cut diamond is one such silhouette that is made up of 9 smaller fancy shaped stones to achieve a perfect circle.

Traditionally, the original round brilliants or full cut diamonds are one of the most popular cuts in the world. Many diamonds are cut into a round shape and resemble full cut diamonds. The round pie cut is pieced together to replicate this stunning shape at a very reasonable price in comparison to the round brilliant solitaire.

Pie diamond cuts require a very superior level of technical and creative craftsmanship. The diamond cutters at Dharam Export India work with complete precision that allows them to create well-proportioned diamond clusters that are nothing short of perfect. You can use these loose diamonds for your high jewellery designs.

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