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Oval Diamond

oval diamond manufacturer

Making a statement with their sheer look, oval diamonds are a stunning shape to explore for contemporary jewellery designs. Oval diamonds are an elongated form of round brilliant cuts that have inspired craftsmen for centuries. Symbolically, the oval shape of the diamond represents the longevity of a relationship, which makes it an exceptional choice as a centrepiece in engagement rings. No wonder celebrities across generations have flaunted the oval-shaped rock in spellbinding settings. 

This fancy shape diamond is best-suited to make the hand and fingers look slender. Since this cut has no sharp corners, these diamonds are not prone to chipping off easily. Oval diamonds are ideal for those who want a more rounded but not perfectly circular stone.  

From vintage to modern, oval diamonds find their place in every design arrangement. Oval diamonds look particularly terrific in bezel settings too. As there can be a range of elongations, Dharam Exports India offers customized diamonds and loose diamonds to bring your high jewellery sketches to life. 

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