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    We Provide Only Loose Diamonds *

    Our Process

    DHARAM EXPORT manufactures Diamonds of all Shapes, Size, Color, Clarity and Measurements, perfectly suited for your Jewellery.

    Customer Ideas

    At DHARAM, we recognize your IDEAS as well as you do. So whether you begin with just an imagination or a full-fledged design concept, we will work actively with you to help provide you perfect set of Diamonds for your jewellery.

    Customer Procurement

    Once we have a custom design, we will CUT all the diamonds necessary as per the measurements. Our trained craftsmen will match every diamond’s gauge to the design requirements, ensuring the correct cut and quality of diamonds.

    Manufacturing Expertise

    Our in-house team of highly-trained Craftsmen will then use the design as a blueprint to craft your customized diamonds. By combining old-world charm with new-age techniques, the Diamonds will be provided for the beautiful piece that it is meant to be.

    Bespoke Creations

    DHARAM EXPORT guarantees customer satisfaction, trust and door to door delivery across the Globe.

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