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Princess Diamond

Princess Diamond

A true symbol of love and luxury, princess cut diamonds are the most sought stones after by women across the world. They have proven to be the ultimate choice for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and of course, rings! Princess diamonds have a square or rectangular shape, and if you view them from the top, they look like an inverted pyramid with four bevelled sides. But over and above the shape, it is the romantic symbolism of this cut that makes it the much-desired stone that it is.

A princess diamond is one of the most efficient cuts, as there is only a 10-20% wastage of the rough stone while giving it shape. Being an extremely versatile and popular cut, these fancy shape diamonds are often used to make matching pairs of incredible jewellery. 

Princess diamonds from Dharam Exports India give you the opportunity to create timeless jewels that are all about sophistication and elegance that will never fade away. The clean lines, sharp angles and boldness of the diamond are perfect for symmetrical and modern jewellery designs. 

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