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What is a Baguette Cut Diamond?
Jul 9, 2021

Baguette Cut Diamonds

One of the most popular choices by any diamond jeweler or setter when it comes to the visual treat. The usage of baguettes aren’t mostly the star of the show in a jewelry piece but it does surely make a piece look stunning, shining and more sharp. It is one of most fascinating and appealing cut in the the elongated range in fancy shape diamonds.

The History of a Baguette Diamond

Nearly aged upto a 100 years and names after the famous baguette French bread, this shape was invented in between early 19’s. Reason why you may still find the baguette diamonds in the antique and vintage jewelry of that time. To break the stereotype using round for every jewelry, this shape came into existence and hence got popular gradually.

Why is it Special?

Like every other Diamonds, the value of a baguette depends on the 4C’s. But the point which was of utmost importance while making a baguette was the quality and make of the cut, and not the carat.
There are a total of 14 Facets generally in majority of case, but they can range upto 24 depending on the steps and cuts. This number is although much less than the other fancy cuts like radiant, asscher and emerald. Even today, the baguette cut looks and feels extraordinary despite having less number of facets.

Baguette Diamonds DEIPL

Shape of a Baguette Diamond

Just like the Asschers, Emeralds, Trapezoids and Squares, the baguette diamond is a classic step-cut diamond. The Step cut is a simple explanation of rectangular and square symmetrical facets. The main difference in identifying a baguette diamond is the sharp edges and corners unlike asschers and emeralds where the corners are cropped. The step cut of a baguette can be identified as a layers of slopes or stairs.

The ratios in this cut are different to other cuts. It depends upon polisher and a jeweler’s requirement on how elongated or wide they need. An important characteristic of this diamond cut is its shape. It could be a straight baguette with straight edges, or it could be a tapered baguette cut with tapered edges.

Shape of a Baguette Diamond

Jewelry with Baguette Diamonds

Baguettes are the perfect sidekicks to any jewelry. Baguettes being less sparkly then center stones prove to be the best side stones for any jewelry piece. The full Baguette Eternity bands are the most recent trending jewelry rings popular in almost every continent. Tapered Baguettes are mostly used in rings, bracelets and earrings to compliment the length, symmetry and finish. They are the most selected and popular matching pairs for wedding rings and engagement rings.

Jewelry with Baguette Diamonds

A Major usage of tapered and straight baguettes is in Luxury Watch Industry where High Jewelry watches are diamond studded and invisibly set along with colored gemstones. Diamond Bezel is a classic and evergreen concept where a large number of brands offer in their watches to their customers. Apart from the factory-set diamond watches, many after-market watch customizers offer their services to clients who want to customize their watches from stock to diamond set.

The Hublot Classic Fusion High Jewellery

The Hublot Classic Fusion High Jewellery – 427 baguette-cut diamonds – 20.8 carats

Customized Baguette for your jewelry

At Dharam Export India, we thrive to deliver the most accurate result in best tolerances when it comes to cutting a customized Diamond. With a rich history in working with Watch Industry, High Jewelry Brands and Independent Jewelry Manufacturers since decades, our manufacturing team does not keep any stones unturned. From cutting stones from CAD files and drawings, we have also developed signature cuts for our client’s sketches, where it remains patented and serves its purpose along the journey. Calibrated and customized diamonds in sizes from 0.001cts to 0.30cts has been our USP since a very long time.

Get Customized Baguette for your jewelry

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