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Straight Baguette Diamond

When speaking of diamonds, we often tend to overlook how it is the accents that give the central pieces their real grandeur. Straight baguette diamonds are the enchanting gems that add strength and character to every jewellery design they belong to. They are usually lined up alongside each other to create an unbroken flow of diamonds in bracelets, necklaces, broaches and rings. 

Baguettes are long, thin and rectangular, and can often be confused with the emerald cut. However, the biggest distinguishing factor is that the edges of baguettes are unbevelled. Furthermore, they have only two rows of facets. Though introduced in the 1920s, the demand for this shape grew massively during the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods. 

Straight baguette diamonds enjoy the status of being extraordinarily clear. Their slenderness and step-cut appearance make them wonderful side stones. At Dharam Export India, we provide straight baguettes as loose diamonds and matching pairs to meet all your high jewellery design needs.

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