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What are Type 2a Diamonds
What are Type 2a Diamonds?
Aug 30, 2022

Type 2a Diamonds?

One must be familiar with the 4 C’s of diamond – Cut, clarity, colour and carat weight. However, there are subtle but important characteristics that differentiate one diamond from another. Diamonds are formed in the earth’s crust at high temperatures and predominantly contain carbon. But many diamonds have other elements or impurities in their chemical composition.

Classification of Diamonds

There are different types of diamond based on the purity of carbon in the diamond and the absence or presence of impurities such as Nitrogen in the diamond. These impurities gives the diamond minor variations in colour such as yellow, light brown, light blue, light grey, light pink etc.

There are two main types of diamond: Type 1 and Type 2 which are further subdivided into Type 1a, Type 1b, Type 2a and Type 2b.

Types of Diamond

Approximately 98 percent of all diamond manufacturing is made up of type 1a diamonds, which are the most prevalent variety of diamond. Type 1b diamonds make up only about 0.1 percent of all diamonds, making them significantly less prevalent. Type 1 diamonds carry nitrogen impurity in their crystalline structure which gives it a yellowish hue.

Type 2b diamonds are also impure, containing traces of hydrogen or boron which gives the diamond a light blue coloration.

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Type 2a diamonds are entirely pure and rarest form of gems. Let us know more about them.

Type 2a diamonds- most prized pieces

Of all the diamond types, Type 2a is the most sought after and highly valued diamond because of their purity. They do not contain any impurities like nitrogen or boron in their composition. It is made of 100% carbon. Because of their pure carbon composition, type 2a diamonds are mostly colorless. However, despite their popularity, less than 2% of all diamonds found worldwide are type 2 diamonds. Large, brilliant shine, clear white, Type 2a diamonds are the epitome of what most people consider to be the perfection in a diamond.

Type 2a diamonds

How to identify a Type 2a diamond?

The best way to find the kind of a diamond is through a reputed gemological laboratory, like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). For a charge, GIA provides diamond-type testing. According to records of the GIA laboratory, they have a standard grading report which is used to determine the Type 2a diamond. They are the most chemically pure type of diamond having optical transparency. Even though lab tools are needed to formally identify the type of diamond, many appraisers claim that they can recognize a lab-grown stone because of their obvious glitter and quality.

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Famous Type 2a Diamonds

India’s famous Kohinoor diamond was a Type 2a diamond.

The Krupp Diamond, sometimes referred to as the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond, is a 33.19-carat Type 2a Asscher cut diamond.

The Cullinan Diamond, the largest gem-quality raw diamond in the world, is a Type 2a stone. The raw diamond had a carat weight of 3,106.75.

Famous Type 2a Diamonds


As mentioned above, Type 2a diamonds are entirely pure of chemicals or other impurities, mostly colourless and appear large and have a brilliant shine. They are the ideal diamonds which are preferred by most diamond buyers. They are also most sought after by diamond collectors and hence very popular than other diamond types. Because they are rare and precious, type 2A diamonds are command a premium price over other diamond types. Despite their pricing, it is worthwhile to add these diamonds to your collection. At Dharam Export, get the most genuine and pure Type 2a diamonds online at the best price.

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