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melee diamonds
All you need to know about Melee Diamonds
Jul 13, 2022

Know About Melee Diamonds

Typically, diamonds of any size and shape are precious. Even small diamonds are precious for jewelers and jewelry buyer. In the jewellery industry, Melee Diamonds are evidence that a piece’s excellence isn’t only based on the size of the stone. In fact, natural loose melee diamonds are much in demand as they add more sparkle and elegance to a large center diamond in any jewellery. We are the leading melee diamonds manufacturers, known for our high quality and brilliant diamonds.

natural melee diamonds

Top make natural melee diamonds

Let us explore more about the best wholesale diamonds online and the importance of on Melee Diamonds.

What are Melee Diamonds?

Melee diamonds are small diamonds which are frequently used in jewelry to highlight a single centre stone on an engagement ring, or as the main stones encircling an infinity ring. In halo and channel settings, melee diamonds frequently surround bigger diamonds. The weight of these tiny stones varies between 0.001 to 0.2 carats. Due to their size and cut, they are often known as micro-diamonds or accent diamonds.

Precisely calibrated round natural diamonds

Precisely calibrated round natural diamonds by dharam export india.

It is essential that jewellers ensure that their melee diamonds are manufactured with an optimal cut just like they do for their huge diamonds. Failure to do so will produce melee diamonds that are dull and lack lustre, which can significantly lower the piece’s overall quality and worth.

Ideal Melee Diamond Cuts and Sizes

Top make ideal melee diamonds

Top make ideal melee diamonds ranging from 0.45mm to 4.20mm

The four main characteristics of a diamond are cut, carat, colour, and clarity. Even though natural loose melee diamonds have a low carat weight, they must nevertheless have exceptional cut, colour, and clarity which are an indication of its high quality. Melee Diamonds in a variety of shapes and cuts. Though they are tiny in size, it is crucial that they have the appropriate cut, with proportions that emphasize their beauty and add more glitter to the item as a whole. If the cut is too deep, it may appear less bright. If it is cut too shallow, it may chip the diamond.

0.70-0.80 mm top make round brilliant diamonds

0.70-0.80 mm top make round brilliant diamonds

Selection of Fancy Cut Diamonds

A fancy cut diamond beautifully complements the large center diamond and can make a plain, simple diamond ring look more dazzling.  Melee diamonds come in a variety of shapes, but the most popular ones include hearts, baguette diamonds, ovals, trillions, and round melee diamonds.

calibrated melee diamonds for high jewelry

Precisely assorted and calibrated melee diamonds for high jewelry and watches

There is also single cut v/s full cut melee diamonds which have different finish. But single cut melees don’t have the same dazzle that a full cut brilliant diamond has. So nowadays, majority of the jewelers prefer full cut melee diamonds in their jewelery pieces. Fancy cut melee diamonds beautifully adorn the main centre diamond in an engagement ring.

Know more about Melee Diamond Prices

We are among India’s top-notch melee diamonds exporters with the best price in the market. The price of a melee diamond is influenced by the diamond’s size and cut quality, much like with larger diamond cuts. Merely because of their size, melee diamonds are not highly valuable on their own. Buy melee diamonds wholesale which are typically sold in parcels or bundles containing hundreds of tiny diamonds to jewellers or repairers. The overall carat weight of the parcel is used to determine the price of melee diamonds rather than the carat weight of each individual stone.

Get Direct From Manufacturer At Lowest Rate

If you are looking to buy melee diamonds wholesale at the best possible price, then we are the best melee diamonds suppliers in India. Our ideal cut melee diamonds are expertly fashioned and manufactured for maximum elegance ranging from 0.45mm to 4.20mm. Each diamond is carefully crafted by our team of highly skilled diamond cutters using the most recent technologies. We offer the finest loose diamonds wholesale to jewellery designers. This way you can be sure that your diamond will remain a work of art and bright for many years.

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