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Pie Cut diamond
What are Pie Cut Diamonds? Know their brilliant features
Oct 13, 2022

Know more about Pie Cut Diamonds

Who doesn’t like a BIG sparkling diamond? And have you dreamt of owning a beautiful diamond jewelry? Well, an impressive emerald pie cut diamond ring can make your dream come true, and that too at a lower price than that of a diamond solitaire. It looks almost as big as a Solitaire, but actually weighs much less in total carat weight.

What Are Pie Cut Diamonds?

Pie cut diamonds are created by carefully matching and polishing tiny fancy-cut diamonds to create the appearance of a bigger fancy-cut diamond. Because they create an illusion of a larger diamond or that of a solitaire diamond, pie cut diamonds are also known as illusion cut diamond. So basically, a combination of small fancy cut diamonds, uniquely cut to form one big diamond is referred to as pie cut diamond.

fancy shape pie cut diamonds

fancy shape pie cut diamonds

Features of a Pie Cut diamond

Pie cut diamonds are available in a variety of shapes, hues, and cuts. They do differ from other varieties of diamonds in a few specific ways, though.

  • It is an affordable imitation of a solitaire.
  • It is unique from the round cut diamond as it has slightly elongated shape and sloping sides.
  • They can be created in different shapes such as – emerald, heart, marquise, oval, pear, princess cut, and more.
  • Pie cut diamond usually has low carat weight and come in sizes ranging from 0.40 to 2.75 carats.
  • They can be styled into engagement rings, necklace pendant or even earrings- whatever you wish.
  • Pie cut diamonds have excellent cut, polish and symmetry.
  • They can be customized by your jeweler as per your need.

How many pieces are used to make each shape?

We can make special illusion diamonds in all shapes using pie cut diamonds for example: Emerald shape from 9 pieces, Star shape from 5 pieces, Marquise shape from 4 pieces, Princess shape from 4 pieces, heart shape from 3 pieces, a round pie cut has 9 pieces and so on.

How is Illusion Jewelry Different?

These illusion jewelry pieces stand out significantly from the competition. These Illusion diamonds are precisely cut from rough diamonds in the shapes of diamonds ranging from 3 to 9, and they are set using sophisticated processes and settings, so that there are no gaps or metal accents on the face of the diamond. Due to the fact that no dust may remain on these illusion diamonds, they resemble solitaire diamonds far more than other types of illusion. If you like a bolder and bigger diamond, then you can prefer jewelry made from pie cut diamonds. This totally saves a lot of money and capital as compared to the original Big size Diamond, but replicates the looks exactly how it was intended.

Why are Pie Cut Diamonds popular?

emerald pie cut diamond

It looks very similar to a solitaire diamond and is available at a reasonable price. For instance, you may purchase ten pie-cut diamond jewelry pieces for the price of one solitaire piece. Hence, customers consider pie cut diamonds real value for money. If you have budget constraints, then buying a diamond illusion setting engagement ring is the best option for you. It will save your money.

Quality Control for smaller diamonds

To ensure absolute perfection, our Pie cut diamonds are crafted using a blend of technology and highly skilled craftsmanship at our Indian Facility. With the use of technology, it is impossible to detect that these diamonds are actually smaller diamonds combined to create an illusion. Each small diamond from the set passes through a strict Quality check to ensure they fall in right tolerances. This is the most crucial aspect for the Pie cut diamond, as it will reflect the final output. We perform stringent quality control on each set of pie cut diamonds to make sure it was created to specifications.

Buy customized Pie-Cut Diamonds online

While buying pie-cut diamonds, one should always make sure that the jeweler has enough experience when dealing with pie cuts because they have different requirements. Our designers have years of experience in making the pie cut diamonds, exactly as per client’s required measurements, color, clarity, shape and quantity. Buy the best and affordable illusion diamonds for jewelry at competitive prices. We provide exceptional diamond solutions with best customer services and help you in the perfect selection.

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