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Emerald Pie Cut Diamond

emerald pie cut diamond

Pie cut diamonds is a collective term used for cuts where smaller diamonds are arranged in a manner that forms a particular shape to create an illusion of one big diamond. An emerald pie cut diamond is one such silhouette that is made up of 9 smaller fancy shaped stones. 

The beautiful emerald pie cut has gained immense popularity over the last couple of years as it is a more cost-effective option as opposed to the full solitaire. While the original emerald cut is all about powerful geometry and sophistication that makes a bold statement, the emerald pie cut replicates this shape by carefully grouping tinier pieces.

Pie diamond cuts are an outcome of highly creative craftsmanship wherein the smaller diamonds need to be pieced together with complete precision. Our diamond cutters at Dharam Export India are gifted with a keen eye for detail that enables them to create such diamond clusters that look flawless. You can use these loose diamonds to bring your high jewellery designs to life.

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