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How to Buy Loose Diamonds
How to Buy Loose Diamonds
Dec 2, 2021

How to Buy Loose Diamonds

Buying a diamond for your jewelry or personal use is not as simple as it looks. More than just buying, it is an important asset from an Investment point of view. Buying the right stone, with right values and parameters is the key. Selecting loose diamonds for various articles like engagement rings, high jewelry, commercial jewelry, High end watches, custom hip hop jewelry etc. depends on the required parameters, cut, clarity, fluorescence and finish.

There are thousands of Wholesalers and retailers who manufacture, supply and trade these loose diamonds depending on the weight and sizes ranging from as small as 0.001 carats to more than 10 carats per stone. Selecting the right and reputed vendor, Dharam Export India being one of them, is an important aspect in buying loose diamonds as it all depends on the quality assurance, light performance and authenticity of the diamond origin. Diamonds being one of the most expensive assets today, it is utmost important to get the right ones as per your expectations with your hard-earned money.

The pricing mainly depends on the Carat weight of the diamond. It would be a good measure to identify and select the correct size of the diamond depending on your application, nor to big, nor to small. To know the authenticity, buying a certified diamond always makes sense where you can get all the possible details including cut grade, clarity grade, any spotting or inclusions. GIA and IGI are one of the most popular and accurate Certification Houses. Diamonds appearance and pricing depends on the 4C’s, Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight. You can understand the 4Cs of diamonds on our blog.

Dharam Export India is a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Natural Loose Diamonds in small sizes and in Top Make Quality. All the round sizes and all fancy shapes like Emerald, Marquise, Pear, Oval, Princess, Baguette, Radiant, Asscher, Trapezoid, Half-moon, Triangle, Briolette, Shield, Kite, Hexagon and many more special cut diamonds can be manufactured according to your sizes and color, clarity. With having an expertise in perfectly manufacturing Matching Pairs, Line Layouts, Side stones, Custom cut Diamonds; we cater in small quantities to Bulk for Independent Jewelers, Designers, High jewelers and Leading Brands.

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