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Customizing Your Diamond
Jan 15, 2021

Diamond is precious. But it gets more precious when it is customised for you. In today’s world customisation is the way of life. Especially when it comes to diamond jewellery.

While customising, the diamond becomes your diamond. And that’s when it becomes more than your
possession. It becomes a part of your identity.

Here’s what happens in diamond customisation:

Step 1: Know why do you want to customise your diamond?
You may want to have it for your birthday, for engagement, for a wedding or for any other occasion. It’s always good to start with the why, so the rest falls in places. You can take the right steps from the start itself while thinking of your design.

Besides, the answer to “why” will always remind you of the importance of the customised diamond, for example, what is the occasion, who is it for, why is it so special, what uniqueness are you looking for, and so on.

Step 2: Choose your diamond, the design and the setting
From the size and colour of your diamond to the size of it – Be selective of everything.
Tips to choose the right design

  • Choose the centre stone first. Decide among the various options available and look for the right cut and clarity.
  • Pick the right metal colour. Go with the metal colour that goes with your diamond. There are several options available such as silver, white gold, platinum, etc.
  • Select the size of your diamond jewellery.
  • Choose the design that adds elegance and life to your imagination.

Note: In case you are unsure of the design, diamond cut and the metal colour, reach out to our team. They will give you the catalogues of the most beautiful diamond set up,

Step 3: Completing your order
We take care of your requirement from start to finish. Our team of experts at Dharam will deliver your ideas right from the drawing stage all the way to final form. You can interact with the team to explain your designs or any other special requirements. Once the preliminary discussions, or any selections required from your side are completed and you have had a satisfactory interaction, it’s time for you to sit back, relax and look forward to exquisite diamond made especially for you.

Tips: If you’re unsure of whom to give your order, please reach out to our team at Dharam.

Customization on the cut of the diamond

There are seven types of cuts that you can have on your diamond.

1) Full-cut diamond

View Specifics

2) Single Cut Diamond

View Specifics

3) Fancy Shape diamonds

Available Patterns: Princess Diamond, Oval Diamond, Marquise Diamond, Pear Diamond, Cushion Diamond, Emerald Diamond, Asscher Diamond, Radiant Diamond, Heart Diamond.

View Specifics

4) Straights Baguette & Taper Diamonds

View Specifics

5) Matching Pairs Diamond

Available Patterns: Trapezoid Brilliant Cut Diamond, Trapezoid Step Cut Diamond, Tapered Bullet Cut Diamond, Radiant Square Diamond, Rectangular Radiant Diamond, Half Moon Step Cut Diamond, Half Moon Brilliant Cut Diamond, Epaulette Shape Cut Diamond, Trilliant Cut Shape Diamond, Shield Shaped Cut Diamond, Kite Shaped Diamond, Carre Cut Diamond, Hexagon Step Cut Diamond, Hexagon Brilliant Cut Diamond

View Specifics

6) Pie Cut Diamonds

Available Patterns: Emerald Pie Cut Diamond, Round Diamond, Pear Diamond, Star Diamond,Oval Diamond

View Specifics

What are the benefits of customisation in diamonds?

  • You won’t have to break your feet roaming around for your ideal
  • You get your jewellery just the way you like
  • You can put special symbols on your jewellery
  • You are creating jewellery that is special and personal to

What are the disadvantages of customisation in diamonds?

  • There are no disadvantages of customisation in diamonds, except for the price point. But as far as you get what you want, it is an investment of time, money, emotions and

How to choose the right customisation centre?

Make an informed decision. Before plunging into the process, visit as many jewellery designers as possible. Rely on online and offline reviews. Check your budget and sign the right contract beforehand. While diamond customisation is tricky, it is also an exciting procedure. After all, it is diamond jewellery for a diamond-like you.

Amid hundreds of options available, know that team Dharam is always on foot to assist you in the best way possible. Because that’s what we do the best – Create the right diamond jewellery for you!

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