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Full Cut Diamond

full cut diamond

A full cut diamond is a classic diamond shape that exemplifies luxury and respects the integrity of the precious stone. Full cut diamonds are essentially round brilliant diamonds that follow the specifications of a standard cut, which contain 57 or 58 facets. These loose diamonds can be strategically placed on the ornament to accentuate the light performance of the diamond.

Round brilliants or full cut diamonds are one of the most popular cuts in the world. Many diamonds are cut into a round shape and resemble full cut diamonds. However, it is worth noting that if they have fewer than 57 or 58 facets, they are not considered to be true round brilliants.

Dharam Export India’s full cut diamonds are known for the precision of their cuts and exquisite shine. Thanks to its unmatched sparkle and eye-catching size, the focus is predominantly on the diamond. Hence, this type of cut is ideal as a centre stone, for example in an engagement ring.

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