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Customized Diamonds

Customized Diamonds

The divine world of diamonds is studded with remarkable cuts that radiate an incomparable shine and brilliance. When it comes to jewellery, every gem is purposefully placed to tell a story. At Dharam Export India, we help you craft that story with dazzling customised diamonds that turn your innovative designs into a majestic reality.

Our highly skilled experts cut the diamonds based on your design needs. Be it a desired specification for colour, clarity, calibrated size or weight range, we offer you exactly what you ask for. Having mastered the artistry of diamond cutting, our team works in complete tandem with each other to produce precise grooves to reach the highest levels of invisible settings. From existing cuts and finishing styles to completely new ones, our team is well-equipped to fulfil every bespoke order for each of our esteemed clients.

We pride ourselves in delivering precise sizes from 0.001CTS to 0.50CTS. Furthermore, our Jewellery and Watches division is outfitted with the right knowledge and ability to supply the most accurate diamonds in the industry. From timely deliveries to detailed tracking, our agents work with seamless coordination and ensure smooth and secure transitions. We understand that your jewellery designs are a work of art, and they need to be treated with the utmost respect. With our custom cut diamonds, we enable you to bring all your ideas and sketches to life. Think diamonds, think Dharam Export!

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