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Rhomboid cut diamond
The Unconventional Rhomboid Cut Diamond
Jun 26, 2024

In the domain of diamonds, where tradition meets innovation, the Rhomboid Cut Diamond emerges as a testament to creative expression and timeless elegance. A slightly slanted baguette is the nearest definition to put this shape into words. Unlike its more common counterparts, this unique cut boasts a geometric allure that captivates the imagination and sets hearts aflutter. Join us on a journey as we uncover the facets of this extraordinary gemstone and delve into its mesmerizing charm.

The Intrigue of Geometry:

At the heart of the Rhomboid Cut Diamond lies an enchanting geometry that sets it apart from the crowd. With its sleek lines and sharp corners, this cut exudes a contemporary flair that appeals to the modern sensibility. Each facet is meticulously crafted to maximize brilliance and fire, creating a dazzling display of light that mesmerizes onlookers and steals the spotlight with effortless grace.

Rhomboid step cut and brilliant cut damond

Rhomboid step cut and brilliant cut damond

A Symphony of Symmetry:

Symmetry is the hallmark of the Rhomboid Cut Diamond, with every angle and proportion meticulously calibrated to perfection. The clean lines and balanced proportions of this cut create a harmonious symphony of shape and form, evoking a sense of timeless beauty and sophistication. Whether showcased in a classic solitaire setting or incorporated into a bold, avant-garde design, the Rhomboid Cut Diamond radiates an aura of refinement and allure.

The Design:

At first glance, the rhomboid cut diamond may appear similar to the more common rectangular or elongated shapes, but a closer look reveals its distinct characteristics. The rhomboid cut features straight edges and sharp corners, creating a sleek and modern aesthetic. Its shape is reminiscent of a parallelogram, with each side of the diamond displaying equal length and precise angles. This symmetrical structure not only enhances the gem’s visual appeal but also maximizes its brilliance and fire.

Rhomboid cut diamond in jewellery

Rhomboid cut diamond in jewellery

Pros: A very unique and rare shape. Can be used in pairs, side stones or layouts. Some jewellers even prefer it for center stone in rings.
Cons: The geometry of this shapes weighs almost the same as a baguette, but the slanted corners increase the length significantly, adding the extra price.

Unveiling the Rarity:

In a world where conformity often reigns supreme, the Rhomboid Cut Diamond stands out as a rare and precious gemstone. Its distinctive shape and limited availability make it a coveted choice for those who seek to make a statement and defy convention. Each Rhomboid Cut Diamond is a testament to craftsmanship and artistry, reflecting the passion and dedication of its creators in every facet and contour.

Dharam Export: The Epitome of Precision cut Diamond Manufacturing

When it comes to sourcing exquisite diamonds, precision is paramount, and no one understands this better than Dharam Export India. With a legacy of excellence spanning decades, Dharam Export is renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Their extensive collection of Rhomboid Cut Diamonds showcases the epitome of precision cutting, with each stone meticulously crafted to perfection.

From the allure of its geometric symmetry to the rarity of its exquisite beauty, the Rhomboid Cut Diamond continues to captivate hearts and minds with its timeless elegance. And with Dharam Export as your trusted partner, you can rest assured that you’ll receive nothing less than the finest quality diamonds, each one a sparkling testament to the artistry of nature and the skill of human hands.

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