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Trilliant Shape Cut Diamond

Trilliant Shape Cut Diamond manufacturer in India

The dazzling trilliant cut diamond is triangular in shape cut, captivating the market with its equilateral sides and flat table-like surface. As compared to other diamond silhouettes, the trilliant shape cut diamond is fairly young, having been introduced in the 1960s. It is often considered to be an audacious choice of cut, symbolising adventure and a free spirit.

The trilliant shape cut diamond is among those rare cuts that can be used as centre stones as well as side stones. When placed as a centrepiece in a solitaire ring, this three-sided diamond cut typically has 50 facets and a subtle curve to enhance the diamond’s size. When used as an accent diamond, the trilliant cut adorns 31 facets without any convex corners and looks best as a matching pair in a three-stone setting.

Our craftsmen at Dharam Export India ensure that the trilliant diamond is cut with complete precision of depth to maximise its fire and brilliance. We offer ample options in the trilliant shape cut, such as loose diamonds, calibrated diamonds and customised diamonds to support your design needs.

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