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Trapezoid Brilliant Cut Diamond

In a world of old classic diamond cuts, the trapezoid brilliant diamond adds a contemporary twist. The top and bottom sides of the trapezoid cut diamond are parallel to each other, while the remaining two sides appear as though they are slanting inwards. 

Trapezoid brilliant cut diamonds are perfect as side stones or accents, making every piece of high jewellery look more sophisticated, thanks to their unique shape. These diamonds are particularly used as matching pair diamonds with centre stones such as radiants and princess cut diamonds to enhance their overall look. 

In comparison to most diamond cuts, the optimal width to length ratio is absent in the trapezoid brilliant cut diamond. Therefore, it takes tremendously skilful precision to create a stone that is well-proportioned and emits the right amount of light. Loose diamonds and calibrated diamonds in the trapezoid brilliant cut from Dharam Export India keep the integrity of this silhouette intact and ensure you have impeccably cut stones. 

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