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Tapered Bullet Diamond

Tapered Bullet Diamond Manufacturer for High Jewelry

Unusual yet stylish, the tapered bullet diamond is an exemplary cut if you are looking for a rare diamond cut. As the name suggests, the diamond tapers towards the bottom, forming a typical ‘V’ shape, whereas the upper portion of the diamond is a straight wall-like line – giving us a cut that looks like a dazzling bullet.

Most often than not, the tapered bullet cut comes as matching pair diamonds that are used as stellar side stones. They are popularly used as seamless add-ons to round brilliants, cushion cut, radiant cut, emerald cuts and Asscher cut diamonds.

The diamond cutters at Dharam Export India work delicately with tapered bullet diamonds to give their cut the right precision. We make sure each of the loose diamonds disperse a strong light and shine through every ornament they are placed in. Furthermore, we ensure that each of our calibrated diamonds matches in cut, colour and clarity to enhance the overall look of your high jewellery design.

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