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Star Diamond

star diamond

Like pieces of a puzzle, the pie cut diamond is a collective term used for cuts where smaller diamonds are arranged in a way that builds one big diamond. Essentially, it is an optical illusion of size, but the smaller diamonds are pieced together so seamlessly that it looks like a whole. 

The star pie cut diamond is one such silhouette that is made up of 5 smaller fancy shaped stones. The stellar star diamond pie cut, as the name suggests, resembles a star, and is popularly used in rings, bracelets and matching pairs of earrings.

Pie diamond cuts are an outcome of highly creative craftsmanship wherein the smaller diamonds need to be pieced together with complete precision. Our diamond cutters at Dharam Export India are gifted with a keen eye for detail that enables them to create gorgeous star-shaped diamond clusters that look flawless. You can use these loose diamonds to bring your high jewellery designs to life.

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