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Shield Shape Cut Diamond

Shield shape cut diamond wholesale suppliers in surat

Bringing a piece of brave history into high jewellery is the shield shape cut diamond that resembles the shield of warriors. This cut is principally a triangle with a twist, which lies in its upper side bowed and the remaining two sides comprising two bowed edges. 

Shield shape cut diamonds make for excellent matching pairs of side stones, adding more substance to the centre piece they are paired with. When it comes to rings, their broader side of the shield cut diamond is usually placed next to the centre stone with the tapering ends running down to the band of the ring. The slender shape of the shield cut diamond makes it a great choice for pendants and long dangling earrings. 

Since this diamond cut looks like a shield, it holds a strong symbolic meaning of protecting one’s heart, making it an ideal silhouette to use in engagement rings. Achieving the flawless shield cut requires immense skill and technical precision which the diamond cutters at Dharam Export India have mastered. Our loose diamonds, calibrated diamonds and customised diamonds cut in the shield shape maintain the highest standards of perfection, ensuring your ornaments are well-balanced and aesthetic. 

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