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Rectangular Radiant Diamond

Rectangular Radiant Diamond Wholesaler and Supplier- India

A glorious cut that emits a royal feeling, the rectangular radiant diamond celebrates romance and artistry like no other gem. Its sharp angles make the rectangular radiant diamond an extraordinary choice for both, classic and non-traditional designs. Many buyers opt for rectangular radiants in place of the emerald cut diamond due to its beautiful sparkle.

Rectangular radiant diamonds are gaining momentum as they are being used in modern yet timeless designs. This exceptional rock cut redefines the charisma of oblong diamonds. In addition to being used as gorgeous centrepieces, the radiant square cut is also good as matching pair diamonds, thanks to its brilliance. 

Conventionally, the rectangular radiant cut consists of 62 to 70 facets from its pavilion to its crown. The exquisite faceting structure of these rectangular radiant diamonds makes it a great choice for coloured diamonds as well. At Dharam Export India, each of our rectangular radiant diamonds is given the utmost attention and cut with absolute precision. 

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