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Radiant Square Diamond

Radiant Diamond - Radiant Square Diamond manufacturers

Remarkably living up to its name, the radiant diamond is a combination of the classic round cut and the edgy emerald cut. The perfection in its four equal sides makes the radiant square diamond an exceptional pick for non-traditional designs.

As compared to the other diamond cuts, radiant diamonds are fairly young. Introduced in the 1970s, this stellar rock cut redefined the charm of oblong diamonds. In addition to being used as gorgeous centrepieces, the radiant square cut is also used as matching pair diamonds, given its boldness and shine. 

Sparkling with fire and brilliance, the radiant square cut is adorned by about 70 facets from its pavilion to its crown. The lovely faceting structure of radiants also makes it a popular choice for coloured diamonds as well. The craftsmen at Dharam Export India treat our radiant square diamonds with world-class care, making sure each of its facets disperse a strong light and shine through every ornament they are placed in.

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