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Pear Diamond

Pear Diamond manufacturer

Pie cut diamonds are a term used to describe a combination of smaller diamonds placed in a way that form one large diamond. A pear pie cut diamond is one such silhouette that is made up of 4 smaller fancy shaped stones to build the popular pear shape.

The original pear diamond is a surreal melange of a round brilliant diamond and marquise diamond. It is elongated from one end and pointy towards the other, perfectly resembling a raindrop. The different pieces forming the pear diamond in the pie cut are skilfully positioned together to replicate this stunning shape. This pie cut variant of the pear shape is priced very reasonably as compared to the actual solitaire pear diamond.

Pie diamond cuts may be cost-effective but demand a high level of technical and creative craftsmanship. The diamond cutters at Dharam Export India work with complete precision that allows them to create a beautiful diamond cluster that is crafted with precision. These loose diamonds eventually come together to bring your jewellery designs to life.

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