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Oval Diamond

Oval Pie Cut Diamonds Manufacturer in Surat

The term ‘pie cut diamonds’ is used for cuts where smaller diamonds are carefully pieced together in an arrangement that forms one big diamond. An oval pie cut diamond is one of the popular pie cut shapes is made up of 4 smaller fancy shaped stones to achieve the perfect oval.

The original oval diamonds are a stunning shape to incorporate in contemporary jewellery designs. Oval diamonds are an elongated form of round brilliant cuts, and the use of the pie cut helps in replicating the oval shape at a very cost-effective rate.

To create the perfect assembly of diamonds in a pie diamond cuts require technical and creative expertise. The diamond cutters at Dharam Export India work with complete precision that allows them to create perfect diamond clusters using state-of-the-art machinery and handmade techniques. Rest assured that each of our pie cut diamonds is crafted to perfection and can be used in several ways to support your design needs.

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