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Pear Diamond

Pear Diamond manufacturer

A pear diamond is a divine combination of a round brilliant diamond and marquise diamond. It is elongated from one end and pointy towards the other, perfectly resembling a raindrop. This diamond is always pronged at the tapering end and visually looks larger than a round diamond owing to its drawn-out shape.

The origin of this cut can be traced back to the mid-1400s in Belgium. The vintage cut symbolises a deep emotional connection, making it a great stone to gift someone special. A pear diamond usually consists of 58 facets with a typical ration between 1.50 and 1.70, however, it can vary as per personal preferences and design requirements. 

The uniqueness of this diamond’s silhouette makes it a versatile option for classic and contemporary designs. At Dharam Exports India, this type of fancy shape diamond is available in a variety of slim to wide cuts to suit your needs. We ensure symmetrical precision in all our loose diamonds. 

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