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Kite Shaped Diamond

Make customized kite shape diamond jewellery

The mesmerising kite shaped diamond is one of the most adored diamond cuts when it comes to being used as matching pairs and side stones. As the name suggests, this diamond resembles a kite with two sides tapering toward the top and two tapering towards the bottom, much like the shape of a straight and inverted V. The slenderness of this diamond makes it an ideal fit for rings, as the narrowing ends run down to the shank. 

The clean edges, appealing step cut and the elongated body of the kite shaped diamond makes it a very versatile stone for highly creative jewellery designs. While the kite shaped diamond can be placed as a stunning centrepiece, it is commonly used as side stones by grouping them to create a star-like shape. 

Since the premium quality of kite shaped diamonds are a difficult find, Dharam Export India endeavours to deliver the best loose diamonds, calibrated diamonds and customised diamonds of this cut. 

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