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Hexagon Step Diamond

Hexagon Step Diamond- Customize diamond

A geometric wonder, the hexagon step diamond is a six-sided polygon that stands out from the crowd with its unique shape. The clean lines and symmetry of its hexagonal shape make it a very aesthetic cut to incorporate in modern jewellery designs.

Hexagonal diamonds rose to fame in the Art Deco period during the 1920s. The facet structure of the step cut hexagon diamonds resemble an emerald cut or Asscher cut. The wider and open facets of this cut are known to create an optical illusion called the “Hall of Mirrors”, where the flashes of light draw your attention to the centre of the stone.

The hexagon step diamond works extremely well in angular designs due to its straight lines. We, at Dharam Export India, offer you bespoke hexagon step diamonds that can be used as centrepieces or as matching pair diamonds. 

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