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Half Moon Step Cut Diamond

Half Moon Step Cut Diamond manufacturer and exporter

The half moon cut diamond is a mesmerizing silhouette, which has been tremendously promising in the diamond market. These loose diamonds are particularly used as side stones and have the profile of a semi-circle or half oval diamond. The edges are straight on one side and arched on the other, resembling a ‘D’ shape. 

Initially, when the half moon diamonds were introduced, craftsmen used broken rounds and ovals to create this shape. However, the task for them was not just to cut the stones symmetrically, but to also find broken stones of the exact colour. Today, the growing demand for the half moon step cut has made diamond merchants cut large quantities of this shape in a variety of colours and sizes.

The half moon step cut diamond is quite different from its brilliant cut counterpart when it comes to its glassy effect and the girdle being parallel to lesser facets. The half moon step cut diamond is popularly used as matching pairs around a centre stone to give the piece of jewellery the right sense of balance.

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