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Half Moon Brilliant Cut Diamond

Half Moon Brilliant Cut Diamond- Dharam Export India Surat

Bringing in some moonlight romance into modern jewellery, the half moon brilliant cut diamond is one of the most sought-after shapes when it comes to choosing side stones. The loose diamonds are particularly used as side stones and have the profile of a semi-circle or half oval diamond. The edges are straight on one side and arched on the other, resembling a ‘D’ shape. 

The half moon brilliant cut diamond has a dazzling throw of light and is typically used as matching pairs of side stones. This silhouette is commonly placed on either side of the cushion cut diamond as it sits well and gives the high jewellery a sense of balance and elegance. Owning to their unique shape of a clean line and bold curve, half moon brilliant cut diamonds are also ideal for designs with a three-stone placement. However, half moon cuts best compliment solitaire centrepieces as they fit very snugly.

Our craftsmen at Dharam Export India have mastered the art of cutting half moon brilliants with precision to give you matching pair diamonds in your choice of size, shape and colour.

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