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Epaulette Shape Cut Diamond

Epaulette Shape Cut Diamond for High Jewelry

Epaulette shape cut diamond, also known as crescent moon diamonds are the delightfully different silhouette that is similar to the half moon shape but have an inward-facing curve instead of a straight side. The epaulette cut diamond is ideally used in matching pairs as side stones to complement the centrepiece.

The arched side of the crescent moon diamond sits flawlessly around centre stones that are curved, such as the oval cut diamond, cushion cut diamond and marquise cut diamond. The overall look of the ornament looks quite grand given the lustre of this cut.

When looking for epaulette shape cut diamonds, ensure that the stones you choose are of the same colour grade to avoid any mismatch. At Dharam Export India, we offer you with calibrated diamonds and loose diamonds of your specifications to bring your high jewellery designs to life.

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