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Carre Cut Diamond

Carre cut Diamond

The carre cut diamond is a square shaped cut that adorns step facets, as opposed to the princess cut diamond which is its brilliant cut counterpart. It is the industry’s answer to reducing the amount of diamond waste while cutting and maximising the use of the rough diamond. The carre cut emits very good fire, especially when viewed under natural light. It is an ideal choice of stone if you are looking for a glassy effect with less sparkle. 

When thinking of square diamonds, the princess cut takes the cake, owning to its unparalleled grandeur. However, the Art Deco period gave the carre cut diamond a new lease of life. This cut honours jewellery that is more understated than flashy thanks to the diamond’s subdued elegance. 

By the virtue of its cut, the flaws in the carre diamond can be very apparent. At Dharam Export India, our highly skilled craftsmen ensure that all our carre cut diamonds are cut to perfection and stay true to their form. 

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