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Marquise Cut Diamond: A Regal Beauty
Jun 3, 2024

The Marquise cut diamond, with its 56 facets, stands as a testament to elegance and uniqueness. Unlike its more popular counterparts, this diamond cut remains somewhat underappreciated, despite its captivating allure. Combining the elongated grace of an oval cut with the pointed sophistication of a pear, the Marquise diamond boasts a timeless shape that has always been in vogue.

Pronounced “mar-keys,” this diamond cut resembles an eye with gently curved sides and distinctive pointed ends. As a fancy-shaped diamond, the Marquise cut has the freedom to embody various proportions, ranging from ultra-elongated to perfectly plump.

Marquise Cut Diamond Anatomy

Marquise Cut Diamond Anatomy

A Royal History

Legend has it that the first Marquise diamond was crafted for none other than King Louis XV, who desired a diamond shaped like the lips of his beloved mistress – a scandalous request indeed. Eventually named ‘marquise’ to signify a royal rank just below a duke, this cut became synonymous with prestige, signifying one’s esteemed position in society. Despite its evolution over the years, the Marquise cut has retained the spirit and essence of its original form.

Why the Marquise Cut Diamond Captivates Us?

  1. Radiant Sparkle: Marquise diamonds, like all brilliant cuts, are crafted to dazzle. Their sparkle outshines many other diamond cuts, making them truly captivating.
  1. Flattering Elegance: The elongated silhouette of the Marquise cut gracefully elongates the wearer’s finger, adding a touch of elegance to any hand.
  1. Affordable Luxury: In addition to their royal appeal, Marquise cut diamonds are notably more affordable than round brilliants of the same carat weight. They offer more bang for your buck, appearing larger than many other diamond shapes.

Why Marquise Cut Diamonds are More Economical?

The Marquise cut maximizes the use of rough diamond during the cutting process, resulting in less waste and lower costs for consumers. If you’re seeking value for money, the Marquise cut is an excellent choice.

Optical Illusion of Size

Despite their actual carat weight, Marquise diamonds appear significantly larger than other diamond shapes. With one of the largest crown areas among diamonds, they create an optical illusion of size – perfect for those who believe that bigger is indeed better.

A Unique Statement Piece

For those who prefer to stand out from the crowd, the Marquise cut offers a distinctive choice. Accounting for less than 5% of all diamond sales, it is a rare and unique option that sets its wearer apart.

Versatile Styling Options

With a Marquise cut diamond, versatility is key. Whether set vertically for a classic look or horizontally for a bold statement, this diamond cut offers endless possibilities, allowing you to express your individual style.

Shape and Proportions

Renowned for its elongated form culminating in two pointed ends, the marquise cut diamond often draws comparisons to a sleek boat or an elegant football. A pivotal factor in assessing a marquise cut diamond lies in its length-to-width ratio, typically falling between 1.75 to 2.25. This ratio dictates the diamond’s visual perception, dictating whether it appears elongated or more compact.

Clarity: Clarity within marquise cut diamonds pertains to the presence of both internal flaws, known as inclusions, and external imperfections, referred to as blemishes. The clarity grading of a marquise cut diamond evaluates the visibility and impact of these characteristics on the diamond’s overall clarity. Inclusions within a marquise cut may manifest in varied locations, potentially affecting their discernibility to the naked eye.

Color: Aligned with all diamonds, marquise cut variants undergo grading based on a color spectrum spanning from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown). Individual preferences and budget considerations often dictate the preferred color grade, with some opting for a crisper appearance, while others appreciate the warmth conveyed by lower color grades. The perceived face-up hue of a marquise cut diamond fluctuates in correlation with its color grade, thereby influencing its overall aesthetic appeal.

Cut: A typical marquise cut diamond showcases an intricate configuration of 58 facets, including the table, crown, girdle, and pavilion, meticulously arranged to accentuate brilliance and luminosity. Exemplary cut craftsmanship plays a pivotal role in mitigating the “bowtie effect,” characterized by a darker region often observed at the center of certain marquise cuts. Exceptionally crafted marquise diamonds strive to diminish this effect while optimizing light diffusion. Symmetry holds paramount importance in marquise cuts, particularly concerning the pointed ends, as it substantially contributes to the diamond’s overall harmony and visual equilibrium.

Considerations to Keep in Mind

  1. Prone to Damage: The pointed ends of Marquise cuts make them more susceptible to chipping. However, with proper setting techniques such as prongs or bezels, this risk can be minimized.
  1. Finding the Perfect Stone: Due to their unique shape, finding a well-cut and symmetrical Marquise diamond can be challenging. Expert guidance and careful selection are essential to ensure you find the perfect stone.
  1. Bow Tie Effect: Every Marquise cut diamond exhibits a bow tie effect – a dark area across the center of the stone. Finding a diamond with a subtle bow tie that does not detract from its brilliance requires firsthand inspection.
12 Carat marquise blue diamond sells for 16M at Christies

12 Carat marquise blue diamond sells for 16M at Christies

In Conclusion

The Marquise cut diamond is a symbol of sophistication, elegance, and individuality. With its timeless appeal, affordability, and unique aesthetic, it continues to captivate those who seek something truly special in their jewelry collection. Whether you’re drawn to its regal history or its striking beauty, the Marquise cut offers a timeless elegance that is truly unparalleled.

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