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Journey of a diamond with Dharam
Jan 15, 2021

The journey of a Natural Diamond: From the heart of Earth to yours, via Dharam

Diamonds are the ultimate treasures from the womb of Mother Earth. They are unique, versatile and precious. So precious, that they add a lustre to your life! But every diamond that reaches your heart has to go through a detailed process. The process includes mining, sorting, cutting and polishing. During this process, your diamond passes through many beautiful hands, visions, and processes, just to be cherished by you till eternity and beyond!

Let’s understand this process in detail:

Mother Earth nurtures your beloved diamonds in her womb for billions of years. And our miners take great care of your diamonds and nature while mining them out. While found on the ore, your diamonds pass through grease belts. Here, the diamond is only rough diamonds.


Then begins the sorting. During this process, the diamonds are sorted based on carat, cut, colour and clarity. During this process, the density of diamonds is determined – whether they will end up in your heart or in some industry!


In this process, your diamonds are sorted through their weight.- ie.: Carats. One carat of a diamond is somewhere around 0.2 grams. The more the carats, the better the chances are for diamonds to be celebrated by you!


In this process, we make sure that no ounce of the diamond is wasted. The original cut of the rough diamonds decides their final shape, size and number of smaller diamonds cut from the bigger ones.


Most diamonds are colourless, but every once in a while, Mother Earth offers a few coloured ones too. Depending on the colours, the diamonds are sorted as per the D-Z colour scale with D being colourless and Z with the highest amount of colour. Colourless diamonds are considered to be more precious than the coloured ones.


The impurities in a rough diamond have a great impact on its value. Very rarely, we get diamonds that do not have any cracks and impurities. That’s right, even the diamonds are not flawless! In that case, the lesser the flaws, the higher the value of a diamond.


This process is also called brillianteering as it is one of the final stages to brilliant diamond! In this process, the facets of the diamond are polished to reflect an ample amount of light. The more reflective the diamond, the more sparkly your final piece of the diamond will be. After all, the emotional value of a diamond has a lot to do with the brilliance of it. Natural diamonds are timeless and can be part of till eternity and beyond. Your diamond is the symbol of your love, affection and elegance. And Dharam makes sure that you get the diamond that resembles you!

The journey of a Synthetic Diamond: Rolling out from the Lab, via Dharam to you, with all shine, sparkle and smiles.

We all know that, regardless of all the care and consideration, the mining leaves behind deep scars to the Mother Earth. Does that mean that we should not have diamonds at all? No. Because we have an alternative! The marvel of sciences can produce anything- even your darling diamonds! There are two processes of growing diamonds in the lab. Let’s discuss them both in detail.

Process One:

Natural graphite (like the carbon in your pencil tip) is crushed in a large machine in extreme pressure and temperature. Much like, the Earth does when it forms Natural Diamonds. This high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) process causes the graphite to turn into a diamond.

Process Two:

In this method, scientists place a diamond “seed crystal” in a small chamber filled with common gases. When the gases are heated, they begin to form layer upon layer of carbon onto the seed crystal, making it grow. This process is called CVD and is the most commonly used technique to grow diamond in the lab. After either of these processes, the diamond goes through the same stages to perfection- Sorting, carat, cutting, colour and clarity. The demands of lab-grown diamonds are rapidly growing. According to a source of BBC, nearly 70% of millennials across the world are choosing to buy lab-grown diamonds. Why? Simply, because they want to be a little kinder to Mother Earth and leave lesser footprints behind. To know more about the similarities and differences, read our article on Lab-Grown V Natural Diamonds. If you have a diamond and you want to know whether your diamond is natural or lab-grown, read our article Natural or Synthetic: Identity your diamond. Or contact our team at Dharam and we shall guide you!

Dharam is a safe house for all the bright and right diamonds

Not all diamonds in the world go to the right places. But the diamond that catches your eye and steals your heart, comes to Dharam. Dharam is indeed a home for all the sparkling diamonds that brings a shine in your life and smile on your face. At Dharam, it is our ‘Dharam’ to give you the diamonds that you deserve. For which, our team is always ready to help you with everything that you need.

Here’s the usual process that we follow:

❖ Drawing, Marking and Planning

We have a fast and accurate computer-aided design system for the precise drawing, marking and planning. During this process, we analyse your stone and mark its surfaces using a sharp laser beam.

❖ Cleaning and Sawing

In this process, we clean your diamond using diamond laser and later saw it using a diamond saw. At this point, diamonds are used to cut one diamond into multiple pieces.

❖ Bruting

It’s time for your diamond to have that perfect cut. This step is where the diamond is shaped into a specific cut. This process is the most intensive and takes the most time to turn into perfection, for which, we rely on advanced computer technology, diamond disks and laser beams.

❖ Polishing

Polishing your diamond is taking it a step closer to perfection. In this procedure, we achieve the maximum weight, clarity and the precise angles that add to the shape and beauty of your diamond. Without polishing, a diamond would be dull and not shine.

❖ Final inspection and recutting

In this step, your diamond becomes the “diamond”. We do the final inspection and recutting, so the diamond comes in line to become popular, valuable and gains the market desirability. An expert will use specific magnifying glasses to review its cut and value. If you want to know in detail about the customisation your diamond at Dharam, read our article on Customising your diamond.

Choose Dharam today

Get the Diamond that deserves to be a part of your story, legacy and lineage. Let Dharam be a part of it. Our team of experts is eager to help you in the process. Contact us today and let us assist you right away!

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