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Vaccination Drive
Mar 5, 2022

Surat based Diamond Manufacturer company Dharam Export India Pvt Ltd. hosted a three day long vaccination drive for its employees from August 13th-15th 2021. The loose natural diamond manufacturer of Surat city, started the initiative that provided free vaccinations to all its employees and their families. With the out of control pandemic situation, the government didn’t leave any stone unturned to help get people vaccinated free of cost at all levels. With alarming cases and long queues, it took hours and endless hours to book an appointment online. We appreciate the Indian Government’s mission to vaccinate every individual at no cost.

Safety being the number 1 priority, we organized the camp in co-ordination with SMC (Surat Municipal Corporation) where we successfully vaccinated 300+ Employees and their family members. Those who were not willing to get vaccinated were asked for RTPCR test reports every 4 days to ensure and prove they are out of covid-19 infection. This encouraged more workers and employees to get vaccinated. The sample collection, data entry and monitoring was totally handled by the SMC doctors and paramedics.

The vaccination drive concluded when all the registered employees were marked vaccinated. All the COVID protocols were followed during the exercise. Even today, whenever there is a need for checkups for RTPCR test, the company organizes the suggested measures in the premises and our partner pathology clinic team does the needful.

With complete vaccination in Dharam Export India’s premises, the Facility was marked 100% Vaccinated workplace by the authorities.

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