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Animal Welfare CSR
A new step towards animal welfare
Mar 24, 2023
CSR animal welfare

Dharam Export India, India’s leading small size natural diamond manufacturer based in Surat, today announced that it has extended financial contribution to aid Shree Vav Jain Shwetambar Murtipujak Sangh – Khoda Dhor Panjarapol Santha – Gujarat, as a part of the former’s Animal Welfare Practices programme under its CSR initiatives.

The objective of the donation is to ensure the welfare and safety of cows, calves, bulls that are stray and seek medical attention.

The cause falls under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme that includes aiding the Animal Shelter to further protect and provide the right treatment to the injured animals, providing balanced meals and safe shelters. The shelter will use the funds to secure the boundaries and build strong walls around its campus to ensure safety. With the extreme Indian weather conditions in all the seasons, these shelters would be a boon to the stray cattles.

“Funding and donating for cause is not just a part of duty, but also a joyful interest. Our primary purpose is to save and provide shelter to stray cows around the vicinity, nearby villages and areas. We are also looking forward to more such activities in the near future for similar objectives.” said the management, Dharam Export India.

CSR funding for gaushalas and such animal shelters will help multiple causes including lively hood of farmers, bio-fuel uses from cattle dung and urine, curb the stray cow menace that triggers accidents on roads or cause harm to farmers.

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