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Complete Guide: Conflict-free And Ethical Diamonds
Apr 14, 2021

Conflict-free And Ethical Diamonds

Diamonds are truly novel stones that are formed in the depths of earth after enduring a colossal amount of heat and pressure. The outcome of this arduous process is a sparkling rock that holds symbolic meaning and is a beacon of luxury. But beyond the aesthetics, opulence and romance of this stone is a grim history of conflicts.

History of Conflict Diamonds

Diamonds that were mined in the 20th and 21st century in civil war zones of Liberia, Guinea, Angola, Congo, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast and more were sold to fund insurgency groups and finance wars. Diamonds mined for these purposes were given the label of conflict diamonds, blood diamonds or red diamonds.

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Overview of Conflict-free Diamonds

Over the years, various global organisations have highlighted the environmental, human rights and social violations that take place in the diamond mining industry. The awareness of these issues eventually led to the creation of moral standards that ensured diamonds were sourced and supplied in a conflict-free manner.

For this purpose, the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme was introduced in 2000 at the World Diamond Congress held in Antwerp. It was a resolution to fortify the industry’s ability to abolish the sales of conflict diamonds. The Kimberly Process outlined certain regulations to make sure that all diamonds were humanely mined and transported. Through this process, the lifecycle of every diamond from its mining to the final purchase is closely monitored. Upon clearing all the requirements, it receives a Kimberly Process Certificate, which validates that the diamonds are conflict-free.

Ethical Diamonds at Dharam Export India

While “conflict-free” is a term that is used for diamonds that weren’t didn’t fund wars and warlords, ethical diamonds ensure the overall supply chain of diamonds upholds an honourable standard. This includes fair wages, safe working conditions, zero tolerance for human rights violations and environmentally friendly practices.

At Dharam Export India, we respect the integrity of diamonds and the process involved in turning them into a piece of jewellery. While we are in complete alignment with the Kimberly Process, we take a step beyond conflict-free diamonds and engage in business practices that meet the highest standards of environmental and social ethics as well.

Not only are we extremely cautious about the origin of our diamonds from our trusted suppliers, but we are also stringent about our overall codes of conduct from labour to trade. We maintain a strict protocol throughout the chain of custody of the diamonds, while guaranteeing ethically conscious practices. When you purchase your diamonds from us, rest assured that we know the story behind every individual stone – right from its source to its final shape. So, when the end customer dons a beautiful piece of diamond jewellery, they can flaunt it with complete confidence knowing that every single diamond on it has a clean trail of history.

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