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Taper Diamonds

Taper Diamonds Manufacturer and exporter India

The taper diamond is a type of baguette cut that resembles an elongated trapezoidal shape, with one end wider than the other. This cut was introduced to accommodate rough diamonds that had uneven ends. Though unusual in shape, this simple geometric cut has the power to transform an average design into a magnificent diamond-studded piece of art.

Tapered diamonds are mostly used as accents and are placed on either side of the centre stone. This silhouette most commonly accompanies classic shapes like princess cut diamonds, round brilliants and oval diamonds. They can also be put together in groups to create a fan shape or in a curved pattern to give the ornament a distinctive style. 

Tapered baguette diamonds are incredibly clear rocks. Their slenderness and step-cut appearance make them wonderful side stones. At Dharam Export India, we provide taper diamonds as loose diamonds and matching pairs to help you bring your unique jewellery designs to life.

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