Built on the legacy of trust, catering customers worldwide with finest quality diamonds & jewellery and simultaneously elevating the norms of paramount proficiency.

Dharam export, it all started in 1990 with small unit of manufacturing in Surat (INDIA) having only one passion in mind to produce finest quality of diamonds and supply to the World.

We at Dharam export ethics, transparency and Consistency of business are followed to satisfaction of every single buyer.

At Dharam Export believe in constantly adding value to our customers and the to the diamond industry. Thus, we endure towards each and every product offering and engaging ourselves in excellent quality.

Our 15 year old global network of marketing associates at major diamond hubs like Hong Kong, China, France, Japan, Belgium, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, USA,Canada and Dubai provide sales and services to our most prestigious and loyal clients all over the world.

Dharam Export is one of the major manufacturers and distributors of polished diamonds and supplies loose polished diamonds to the jewellery trade globally. The manufacturing facilities in Surat in Gujarat are equipped with the latest high-tech machinery. The company’s continued emphasis on state-of-the-art factories, highly skilled personnel operating the very latest technology and implementation of quality control systems has resulted in efficient production. These high standards have been intrinsic to achieving the quality reputation now expected of Dharam Export the world over.


Dharam Export Exports manufacturing unit based in Surat employs over 1200 skilled workers who work with the latest machines and equipment to meet the highest quality standards in diamond cutting and polishing.

Furthermore, we maintain our quality by measuring the quality quotient at every stage of production. Our grading unit is based within the manufacturing facility in Surat. Our graders in this lab undergo comprehensive training at various international grading facilities. All employees and managers pay utmost attention at surface quality of diamonds so that diamonds luster is not compromised in any manner and all our diamonds dazzle with sparkling light.

This modern and high tech factory continuously strives to develop newer concepts and designs for the diamond industry and make it more sustainable. We believe in knowledge sharing and growing, and hence have developed a culture for continuous growth of our employees and members of Dharam Exports Family.

This evolution is only possible through the hard work by our employees, who execute every decision that is taken at the managerial level.

Our employees are hard-working, self-driven, team players and innovators, who are always ready to take up new challenges in the way we handle production and execute clients’ orders.